30 March 2010

Stress is contagious, but so is good mood. So take your time and Relax

Viral Campaign - Slow Down For a Moment

This campaign is just a theory. It is one of my New Media assignments. I’ve decided to prepare stress awareness campaign for the government where the target audience are working people aged 24 to 35. Below is the executive summary and rationale for the campaign as well as the viral video I prepared for it.

Executive Summary

The government has planned a social media campaign addressing stress issues caused by modern life. The campaign is using such new media tools as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and viral videos presenting moments worth slowing down for.

The timeline for the campaign is planned for 5 months, from June to November. During the summer months people will have time and opportunity to capture themselves and their friends on pictures and videos while doing things they enjoy and which relax them. The purpose of this campaign is to remind the public of such moments in life and importance of taking time to relax by doing simple things like for example taking a walk, reading a book on a fresh air, etc. This will be achieved by using mainly Facebook Group created especially for campaign purpose and with a challenge of slowing down summer.

On this Facebook page, people joining in the group will be able to post their videos and photos they took while their holidays and days out, comment on them and take part in discussions on best ways to deal with stress.

With use of Twitter the campaign will be furthermore promoted to support the Facebook group and the Slow Down Summer Challenge. This will increase chances of the campaign in reaching wider audience.

The idea of the campaign is to help and spread the good mood and keep it positive for longer (than just summer time) among those who lead pressured lifestyles. The end of the campaign is planned for 3rd of November 2010 – The National Stress Awareness Day.

Rationale for the Campaign

Stress is touching everyone at some point of their lives, especially working people. Since the credit crunch in Britain more people suffer from chronic stress which results in more days called sick and absent at work. This costs UK economy a lot of money. Many people also suffer from heath problems as a result of work related stress.

In recent years increased number of younger working people reported stress problems caused by excessive pressure. They feel that they don’t have a choice but to keep going.
Stress is contagious, but so is good mood. Social media is an easy way to reach to younger working group of the population (many of them use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube on everyday basis). Through social platforms they can share their positive images reminding everyone of importance of taking time to relax and tackling stress.

Key Messages

·         There are moments in your life worth slowing down for
·         Stress is contagious, so is good mood- take your time to relax
·         Stay positive, charge your batteries through summer


I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any questions about this 'campaign' don't be shy to ask.


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