9 March 2010

Cover Letter YouTube style

In my previous post I wrote on how twitter and other social platforms can cost you a job. But now I want to show you, how such content sharing sites as YouTube for example can get you a job if you do it in a creative and smart way.

This is exactly how Alec Bedrzycki (woohoo, he has Polish roots :), fresh marketing graduate, used social media to find an entry level position in marketing industry.
Here is his cover letter that actually got him a job:

I’m wondering now, is this just the beginning of new way of applying for jobs and making yourself stand out? It seems that there are no rules or standards any more. All ‘career finding’ and writing your CV or cover letter workshops might as well become out of date very soon (if not now).


kat said...

love the fresh approach! much more fun than writing normal applications!!

Neta said...

Hehe, yes. But what a challenge. I mean, you have to be natural in front of a camera to come out as well as this guy:)

chandra said...

Awesome video, thanks for sharing this with me, had to share with facebook!@bose

Cover Letter

nhnndfkfd said...

This is very inovative and jolly way of presenting ones self... But not formal.

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