10 October 2011

Not everyone understands what your job is all about

The news vs old

To a public relations professional it might seem obvious that other people know how time sensitive PR is. Public relations often equals media relations. The media environment changes very quickly and the news you read in the paper yesterday aren’t news today – they instantly become old.

Remember the News of the World scandal? It happened so recently and was such a huge issue; we talked about it for about a week, maybe two. But now no one actually thinks about it any more. There’s hardly any visible coverage of it now. It’s become the old news.

10 September 2011

The rise of an expert and his influence on public opinion

Science and it's influence on Us 

In my previous post I told you about trust and how important it is for different organizations to maintain it. I also mentioned that it is often common for PR specialists to use opinion of experts to support their argument and influence target audiences (we tend to look up for expert’s view if we don’t know much about a specific issue). I think I can call such practice third party technique (which isn’t limited only to use of experts, it can also include celebrities, well respected people or organizations, etc.). But let’s stick to scientists (experts) for now.

30 June 2011

What It Takes to Be Good At Writing Press Releases

Even after studying journalism and PR it might be challenging sometimes to apply what you know into the actual job environment. I’m sure there are many people/graduates who would agree with me on this one, and think I’m not the only one who could serve here as an example of confused and frustrated starting-up PR professional with broad knowledge and little experience. Let me tell you a PR story, it won't have a proper plot, but you might find that there is a lesson there, who knows. Here it goes.

27 May 2011

Trust and PR: How does that work

What exactly is trust? Could you define it? 

I thought so. Well, I did some research on trust in PR and this is what I came up with. It’s a small part of my research on trust. I tried to take out the most important and maybe less dull information to share with you. 

Trust is something most people can sense but have hard time to describe. “You know it when you feel it” explained ex-CEO of General Electrics, Jack Welch. Many experts claim that trust is one of the fundamental values in every relationship; whether it is between two people, between government and its public or between corporations and their stakeholders similar rules apply to all these groups while gaining and maintaining trust.

15 April 2011

Things to consider when making a viral video: Jennifer Aniston and her Sex Tape

It's important for your video to turn into a virus

I came across this video about a month ago when I was researching different PR and media relations companies. Apparently some of their bloggers also explore various aspects of PR and they stumbled upon this commercial of Smart Water.

12 March 2011

Graduates and the dilemma of ‘which PR Sector’

When I started my public relations course at Uni I knew there was more to PR than just pseudo events, crisis managements and CSR. What I didn’t know was the fact that PR is a much more complicated discipline than many people think it is. It’s not only either B2B or B2C. In today’s complicated business and consumer markets it is just a natural thing that public relations, with its broad concept, has developed into many specialized areas. In fact, there are so many different sectors within the PR sector that I’m beginning to think that many fresh graduates might find them selves confused after leaving universities and entering the working life.

9 February 2011

6 reasons I might stop following you on Twitter

Some time ago I read a post ‘10 reasons I won’t follow you on Twitter’. It intrigued me and all the points the author listed I could have marked as mine own. I even felt a little embarrassed when some of them might have been referring to someone like me. After all, I’m a person who enjoys her offline life; and I have to admit, I might not check my Twitter on everyday basis.

To the contrary to some arguments the writer of the post mentions, such as not believing in following someone back if they follow you, I find it difficult to not return the gesture of someone who made an effort and followed me first.

8 December 2010

PR Christmas Preparations - Key to Good Costumer Relations

Christmas time for many PR agencies begins in September and is probably the longest period during a year for PR promotions. But Christmas is not the only time for PR people to prove themselves. Yet, it’s the best time for most PR companies to get back in touch with clients and customers they haven’t spoken to for a long time.

17 June 2010

Women in Orange - how an outfit can get you arrested

I just came across something rather interesting, something I’ve never actually heard about before, but I assume it was only because of my ignorance - illegal advertising at sport events (or maybe any sort of events).

Dutch women dressed in orange outfits who appeared at Wold Cup game Holland vs. Denmark were arrested on the grounds of so called ‘ambush marketing’. When I heard about this my first impression was: well, they didn’t do anything wrong. They just wore colours of the team they supported.

12 May 2010

Child's Power - Pester Power

Targeting parents through Children

In the past marketing and PR industry tended to overlook children as a demographic audience. It is changed today as advertisers believe that young people’s spending power in the family is growing. They ‘have become the most marketed-to generation in history’, write Media Awareness Network.