8 December 2010

PR Christmas Preparations - Key to Good Costumer Relations

Christmas time for many PR agencies begins in September and is probably the longest period during a year for PR promotions. But Christmas is not the only time for PR people to prove themselves. Yet, it’s the best time for most PR companies to get back in touch with clients and customers they haven’t spoken to for a long time.

The best and easiest way to do it is to send out Christmas cards uniquely designed for the specific agencies. Simple ‘Hello’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ will remind their clients that they are remembered.

Christmas is also the perfect season for business to consumer (B2C) companies. It provides many opportunities to promote their products, jackpot their services and reach new audiences. But it also applies to business to business organizations (B2B), say experts from 10 Yeti, especially if it comes to parties and events at this time of year.

Christmas parties were levelled down recently because of the recession but as Sunday Telegraph assured ‘they were back in 2009’. (We will see how it goes this year though). Many companies such as McDonald’s (whose spokesperson Christine Mullene said “It’s just a great surprise for everyone at the end of the year”) will most probably reach out to PR agencies for ideas and advice on organising seasonal festivities.

According to Sunday Telegraph Halloween is the next - comparing to Christmas -biggest social event during the year for many companies. But it’s way ahead of us now, so there’s still time to think of that.

Winter season is also a great time for PR agencies to send out so called influencers (corporate ‘gifts’) to their clients. It should be something small but something to be remembered by. Christmas is the only time in the year when sending gifts isn’t seen as out of place. No one would like to be thought of as a ‘butt kisser’ (I guess). The festive time gives also good opportunities for consumer PR and marketing. And what’s better than a unique campaign which will help your business to stand out from the crowd.


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