27 February 2010

Video: Social Media Brand Compilation

PR Geek Blogger created a webcast explaining social media use for brands.

The 7 minute long video “Social Media and Brands” covers such questions as:
   1. What is social media and why it is called social?
     2. Cultural and sociological concepts behind social media
       3. What are the negatives of Social Media for Brands?
       4. What are the positives? What’s in it for me? 
    5. How to prepare Social Media Strategy for business?

Since ‘social media revolution’, webcasts became popular tool of many corporations to communicate their messages with potential clients. It is also becoming more common to use such videos in tutorials for training practices among companies’ employees.

Brands seem to benefit from using social media tools available to them such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or MySpace.

The most popular ones among young people are Twitter and Facebook, where Twitter is used more for professional purposes and Facebook for personal reasons. Their popularity and accessibility vary depending on countries social media users come from.

More about social media and brands and how they relate to each other is presented in webcast Social Media and Brand.  Also, more facts about social media and it's impact on our lives in Online Press Release.

“Social media is essential for brands to stand out and be noticed”, says Howard Bragman, PR specialist. “They are the future of businesses. Social media and brands will be inseparable and if they don’t want to fall behind, social media is a must for them.”

“I love the social media revolution. I wouldn't know many of the things that I do without it. I certainly can not depend on the lame stream news media to keep me informed”, said YouTube user, Wendi Carter

Boiler Plate:
PR Geek Blog is a new blogging service, which covers such issues as PR, social media, business, business and public relations philosophy and public relations trends.
It was established in the beginning of 2010 with co-operation of Uni of Westin and is now growing into independent blogspot.

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Is social media overtaking traditional life activities?


Anonymous said...

I agree that social media is influencing the way wstern societies (especially younger generations) live their everyday life. I think it is an important point you made that there is a divide bettween developed countries that have social media and undeveloped ones that have limited access to it. This will probably be a growing social issue right up there with economic issues internationally.

Neta said...

I actually think that social media could deepen the gap between developed and developing (or rather as you say, undeveloped) countries. The reason for this: technology and social media speed up things (such as i.e. information flow) and people are then expected to work and react faster as well. This leads to many changes in a short period of time (which i sometimes find overwhelming myself), where in 'undeveloped' countries changes happen over longer period of time and thought perhaps they are less shocking for such pulics, they are already 'olden days' for people from western part of the world. I'm not sure yet how it affects PR is such places, but if public relations will shift completely online, there will be a barrier for it in reaching a big part of the world. I don't think however, this switch to online only Pr will happen. At least I hope it wont. I would like to believe that we will keep real life human relations not only in our personal lives but also at work.

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