19 February 2010

Social Media good for brands. Is it for us?

This webcast was produced for studying purposes. It explains what social media is and why it’s called social. Its positives and negatives for business and it’s relevance to PR and social media and brand connection. 

It is my first webcast and I used Camtasia Studio to make it. I had a few technical difficulties during production process of Social Media and Brand which you can probably hear at some point of the video – Camtasia refused to fix them even after several of my attempts.
But I hope you can still  enjoy it… 

Watch it also on: YouTube

After I made this video I started wondering...
Thanks to social networking PR can be almost invisible. Is it a good thing for brands and businesses? Probably. But is it good for us? Consumers? We never know who's on the other side making all the comments and recommend us services, products, brands or persuades us to certain political views...


Anonymous said...


Weldone. The video is fully loaded with more contributors and information. I am just concerned that you use pictures of ancient black people instead of well groomed and educated black Africans.

Nisha Pawar said...

Excellent presentation!

suawek said...

Interesting. Eye-opener.

Everybody should be awared what Social Media can bring into our lives.


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