10 April 2010

Whereabouts of PR in UK and PR in Poland

Comparing The Two
I looked at Consumer Public Relations in Britain and then searched through Polish websites about PR; and I came to a conclusion that the tern PR in Poland is still not very popular and often hidden under different names.
In the UK Public Relations industry is widely practiced and as many practitioners and specialists say it is a very competitive occupation. 

In Poland on the other hand, many people have never heard of public relations. 
Marketing – is how people usually call it there or confuse one with another. Only recently, term PR (or piar) started to appear in the names of companies or courses of specific colleges or universities. And yet many educational institutions hide term PR under names of Marketing in Public Sphere or Marketing Management (building relations with customers and clients).

Public Relations seems only just emerging in Poland and is becoming more popular especially in bigger cities such as Warsaw and Poznan. Yet, it leaves me with an impression of being a result mainly of some sort of a trend brought from abroad. Especially since Poland joined EU in 2004 the wave of PR specialists coming from UK increased in the country. Also PR specializing schools such as London School of PR open their courses for the Polish public.

Consumer PR in Poland is still hidden under Marketing. In my opinion, it is mainly because most people in the country are more familiar with terms marketing and sales. Public relations is confusing to them and therefore less used. However, when I asked a few young people about their familiarity with the term, they admitted they’ve heard it somewhere but don’t know what it means. And after further explanation of its meaning, they acknowledged that it seems to be much more interesting industry than the marketing. 

If, however, you have different opinion about it and know more about, I would be glad to read bout it. Anyone who works or studies or came across PR in Poland and UK please leave me a comment or a message.


Anonymous said...

I do not think that English PR can be compared with Polish one. In Poland we are very behind and this is not a well known and recognised profession, however in the UK it is a multi billion business, as it is second biggest PR market in the world, just after the US.

Anonymous said...


I think you're right! I remember someone told me once that PR in Poland is still in its egg shell. I agree it's difficult to compare. It was interesting to read though how PR can be understood in different countries taking under consideration the levels of experience.

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